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"The objects I portray have a history and presence

that I try to capture on the canvas."






"The objects just speak to me, and I would like to see

these objects express themselves in the painting."



"It's a way for me to look at a subject that I'm inspired by...

and ask, 'What does it know? What inspires me to make it more alive?'"



Diane White was selected by Southwest Art Magazine to be the December 2017 "Artist of Note". In the interview Diane discusses early career paintings, her use of Magical Realism along with thoughts about her recent series titled "Ghost Horse Series".  The "Ghost Horse Series" artwork was featured in a full page ad in the issue. Click on the pdf files to read the full interview and see the ad.

December 2017 Southwest "Diane White Artist of Note" Interview

December 2017 Southwest Art full page ad "Ghost Horse Series"

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